CorporateDemos &


Corporate Demo's

Experience Chef Reems’s professional demonstrations live at your event.

Corporate demonstration at your company, university, or school. (Previously worked with Snapchat, Centennial College, University of Toronto, TDSB, and more)
Live on stage at your food festival (Previously featured in Halal Food Festival, Taste of the Middle East, Canadian Artistic Food Expo, and more)

Contact Us to know more about pricing and availability .

Brand Advertisements

Target your audience (mothers, aspiring chefs, foodies) through fun interactive ads with a simple story to highlight and emphasize your product. As a brand, you will have control over the story line and filming style, which will be made using a professional videographer 


  • 30 seconds eye-catching reel posted and pinned on my Instagram for 30 days.
  • 1 high-quality carousel to be used on stories and as a cover to the reel.
  • 1 to 2 stories highlighting the brand from behind-the-scenes shot.


Contact Us to know more about pricing and availability .

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